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Linda Fergerson is the author of 
"The Lion and the Butterfly" series

Linda ministered with Warring Dove International in Israel and experienced a divine visitation at Shiloh. She danced in Jerusalem, walked on the shores of Galilee and carries a passion to see God’s sons and daughters fulfill their destiny. She lives with her husband and three adopted sons in Dodge City, Kansas.

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 A Royal Inheritance, Book Four coming in the future! 

Linda Fergerson is available for speaking engagements and private ministry with women. Contact her at for appointment.

A Royal Dance: The Lion and The Butterfly – Book One (Purchase Here)

Linda Fergerson

Carpenter’s Sons Publishing 

Jerusha’s father dotes on her and calls her royalty, a lioness who will one day dance before his King. Jerusha adores her father, but she cannot tell him her darkest secret. Instead of dancing like other Jewish girls, Jerusha sits alone, plagued by guilt for a crime she did not commit. Who will believe her story against the word of the most respected religious leader in Jerusalem?

Jerusha’s fears are amplified and her nightmares realized when her Jewish mother forces her to leave her father’s protection and live as a lowly servant in the home of the high priest. Will the esteemed son of the high priest still want to marry her? Or will Timon, a handsome Christian man and her father’s apprentice win her heart? Caught between the orthodox beliefs of her beautiful Jewish mother and her father’s newfound faith in the Messiah Yeshua, Jerusha is plummeted into a soul-wrenching family tragedy that leaves her young heart with more questions than answers.

Author Linda Fergerson, a gifted story-teller, speaker, and dancer, takes you on an unforgettable journey into the life of a troubled young Jewish girl in first century Jerusalem. In this first book of the Lion and the Butterfly series, you will discover the sword that Jesus warned would divide family members and the chrysalis of hope for a new beginning through faith in Yeshua.

A Royal Family: The Lion and The Butterfly - Book Two (Purchase Here)

Linda Fergerson

Carpenter’s Sons Publishing 

Jerusalem AD 34. Jerusha desires to bless her husband, Timon with many sons, descendants from Judah. After four miscarriages, she’s haunted by her past and believes she’s cursed.

Her empty womb brings shame. The old women wag their tongues. Without sons to present to Timon, she feels worthless. Unfullfilled. Is Timon’s love not enough?

Throughout Jerusalem, parents are torn from their children and imprisoned for their beliefs. The high priest plots against her family. Jerusha is convinced that no one who touches her cursed life is safe.

In her father’s villa, nestled high on Mount Zion, Timon insists they harbor orphans and widows of persecuted Yeshua followers. The mysterious Roman decree on her door, sealed with her grandfather’s lion and butterfly signet ring, provides their only protection. How much longer before someone rips it down? More intrigue unfolds when Devorah, a beautiful widow, seeks refuge at their villa. A mysterious trader watches from afar. Sudden tragedy strikes.

Jerusha flees and takes a dangerous journey to Shiloh. A divine encounter with Father God forever changes her identity. She returns to a city that overflows with controversy and conflicts. Will the high priest’s plot succeed? Or will she live to raise a royal family?

A Royal Father : The Lion and The Butterfly – Book Three  (Purchase Here)

Linda Fergerson

Carpenter’s Sons Publishing 

Jerusha, a young Jewish widow in first century Jerusalem, needs a father for her sons. Effah, a powerful and dark figure from her childhood, offers marriage. Even though his proposal will save her inheritance from being ripped away by the corrupt Jewish priests, she remembers Effah’s abuse when she served as a slave in Herod’s palace. Effah’s not the father she wants for her sons.

Antonius, an aloof Roman soldier, with ghosts in his past, befriends her sons. A follower of the Way, he waits in the shadows for her love, while she wrestles with trusting Father God’s mysterious plan.

Will she succumb to Effah and marry a man she despises, to save her sons’ inheritance? Or, in a culture where Jews hate Romans, accept by faith the wisdom offered by a royal father?

Jerusalem, AD 59. Jerusha, a widow in need of a father for her sons, wrestles with God’s mysterious plan. Effah, the corrupt priest’s son? Antonius, a Roman soldier? Or neither?

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